My Lawyer Ripped me off $125,000!

Being sued by Russo and having my million dollars worth of property — my retirement “stolen” in Court was one of the worst events in my life. Felt like I was being assaulted, had to take tranquilizers, sooooo sad. I’d get bills, attorney fees, $5000 a month, more than I spent on a European vacation!

Took me awhile to realize my lawyer’s tactic was to file bogus motions to make Russo want to settle; although Russo is an attorney, he hired one for this. At one time, my lawyer was almost sanctioned for filing a frivolous motion! My lawyer did tell me they hardly ever go to court but settle instead … I thought I was going to get a jury trial. My “settlement” was about $125,000, about the same amount as my attorney fees. Plus I lost the $1,000,000 properties! Insult to injury!

My lawyer never raised the issue of the HOA being unconscionable or at least the agreement we had with the construction liens on our lots was unconscionable. The liens never expired! After the housing bubble popped in 2006, we lost all the equity on our lots because the $35,000 liens accrued interest every year.

At one time, near the end, he said, “if you don’t like what I’m doing, fire me”! Well yeah, after you took all my money what am I going to do?!

So I posted a question on a legal forum where lawyers answered for free. Both agreed my lawyer, Steven W. Cheifetz was unethical!

AVO Answer

Live and learn! 😦


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