My Answer Counterclaim and 3rd Party Complaint

Answer Counterclaim and 3rd Party Complaint PDF

Exhibit A: Second amended Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for New Tucson Unit 5, Lots 1 – 191, both inclusive, Being a Subdivision Recorded at Book 17 Page 51 of the Maps and Plats in the office of the Pima County Recorder, Pima County, Arizona. Dated 15 September 2003. (Unit 5 CC&Rs)

Exhibit B: Notice of Special Assessment Transfer Fees & Governing Documents. The first one is for $350, construction of sewer and water lines to the Unit. 12 February 2004. The second one is for $22,000, dated 25 February 2004.

Exhibit C: Assignment of Special Assessment (Exhibit B) to Real Property Information, Inc. #2, Defined Pension Plan #2, FBO Thomas W. Sullivan on lots 47, 252, 277, 279 and 280 of New Tucson Unit 5, Dated 2 July 2008. Second assessment to: Title Security Agency of Arizona, an Arizona Corporation, Lots 241, 299, 300, 301, 302, and 303, dated 5 April 2006.

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