Lot cleanup: the HOA is unconscionable

Johnny helped me last year cleaning up Unit 2 Lot 313, a few months later he committed suicide.

Johnny helped me last year clean up Unit 2 Lot 131, a few months later he committed suicide. The weeds on the far right, against the wall are on a 15-foot wide HOA easement.

I paid about $10,000 in HOA dues because I was afraid they would “steal” my lots, I quit paying now that I realize the HOA is illegal and unconscionable. They make me clean up my lots or threaten to charge me $85/lot to do it. Johnny needed the money, I’d rather give it to him. The friend who helped me this Sunday morning (I got up at 6am) did it as a favor (he teaches children for TUSD, some of the children are very disruptive and disrespectful) but we only finished one lot before we felt too tired and he didn’t have good gloves. Got home started crying and took a tranquilizer.

Lots of sweat on my shirt

Lots of sweat on my shirt — Lot 189. Rincon mountains in the background.

Russo helped the prior majority lot owners (who are being sued for securities/land fraud) sell three lots in Unit 2 but wouldn’t help me or another person who wants to sell. Major builders won’t buy less than 10 lots . . . we have been asking Russo for several years to help us, he said twice he would help me but then this lawsuit came up where he undermined my foreclosure of the expired/unlawful assessment liens.



I wouldn’t doubt that the prior majority lot owners and National Bank cooperated in losing $35-million developing these lots — the biggest loss in NB’s history. . . such theft was common in China:

In China, ventures may be spectacularly unprofitable, yet enrich everyone lucky enough to get a piece. Developers, for example, construct vacant office buildings as an excuse to borrow from state banks. They rake off a cut for themselves, pay bribes to the party officials who deliver the land and reward bank functionaries with sumptuous banquets and trips to Macao. Soon enough, the trophy skyscraper descends into financial disaster, but the developers, bankers and party officials have already extracted their riches, and for long afterward they will still enjoy them. “Lessons the Teacher Forgot,”New York Times, 16 May 2009.

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