Unit 8 HOA sues Russo, Russo seeks to oust HOA Board

While preparing a potential lawsuit against Unit 2 for not helping us sell our lots in violation of Article 10 of the CC&Rs, I noticed a lawsuit by the Unit 8 HOA against the Master Association.

Apparently, the Unit 8 Board and members of the HOA did not know that about a quarter of their HOA dues goes to the Master Association, which was setup to manage all the other HOAs. According to the lawsuit the CC&Rs never mention anything about a Master HOA and the homeowners and Board feel like they’re being ripped-off!

After Russo found out about the lawsuit, he sued the Unit 8 HOA forcing them to have a meeting where he will probably fire the Board and change the CC&Rs to force home and lot-owners to pay the Master Association. Russo owns about two-thirds of the lots in Unit 8. Note that the Judge, Richard S. Fields, said Russo should “exercise power with due restraint” to “balance declarant/homeowner interests.”


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