We were Victims of Con Artists


During the March 3, 2016 GOP Presidential debate, Fox News moderator, Megyn Kelly confronted Donald Trump about Trump University

This is essentially what happened to us. Although I was against joining the HOA at first, I found out it wasn’t illegal at the time to force us into an HOA, it is against the law now. Eventually we all hoped the developers knew what they were doing. I always thought of it as Stockholm Syndrome or to avoid further injury, cooperating.

My lawyer was the one who established the illegality in the Dreamland appellate court decision.

There was never a forensic account by National Bank of Arizona into their $35-million loss from the first majority lot owners.

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2 Responses to We were Victims of Con Artists

  1. Marlene Cooper says:

    Are HOA dues mandatory? Can they put a lien on property?

    • 666isMONEY says:

      Hi Marlene, dues are mandatory, these are vacant lots. I think it’s $120/year! They also put assessment liens on our lots for improvements, the lien started out at $6000 and has grown (10% interest) over 10-years to $12,000. The “improvements” were to bring water to the edge of the community and for building plans, which a court determined were “garbage.” (No dirt was turned on our lots.) Total waste of $$$. The vice-president for KB Homes came to our HOA meeting 12 years ago and told us the assessment liens were too much and then the developer went bankrupt. We were forced into the HOA!

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