Someone trying to sell their Unit 2 lot for $14k, half of what we invested in it


We paid $27,000 for improvements (sewer, streets, electric, water) on our lots and now we can’t sell them. Only major builders would build in such a subdivision and HOA president Steven Russo would not help us sell to builders, in violation of the CC&Rs and law!

The HOAs Russo is president of in Sycamore Vista have not had regular meetings in years! He originally appointed Ceci Cruz and Virginia Yrun (liberal Democratic activists) to the HOA boards (the same two on the Industrial Authority board, probably so Russo could ram anything he wanted through the Pima County Board of Supervisors) but soon realized we lot owners are NOT happy!

Russo was supposed to help us sell our lots in Unit 2, Article 10 of the CC&Rs says that’s one of the purposes of the HOA. Major builders will not buy individual lots, custom builders will not build in DR Horton ticky-tacky stucco-sheet-rock+2×4 subdivisions. We did not know that at the time we were forced into the HOA. Being forced into an HOA is illegal now, it is prima facie unconscionable that we’re forced into this HOA. Russo is self-dealing in violation of Corporate rules. Russo promised to help me sell my Unit 2 lots but refused after he sued me to “steal” $450,000 worth of property in Unit 5.

After the Monsoons in August the Unit 2 HOA will send us lot owners Notice to clean weeds off our lots. If we disobey, they will hire someone to do it and bill us hundreds of dollars. It is usually 100-degrees F in August. One of the other lot owners is 85-years old and is forced to clean weeds. This is unconscionable!

Me after cleaning up Unit 2 Lot 189

Lots of sweat on my shirt from cleaning (mowing) weeds!

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3 Responses to Someone trying to sell their Unit 2 lot for $14k, half of what we invested in it

  1. kathy says:

    I was just told the Hoa Fee’s have went up!! $60.00 per quarter. Platinum said they checked into it and everyone pays the same now. Also they are pushing everyone to pay the the assessments now or will sent to collections

    • 666isMONEY says:

      Russo is such a bully. No vote on the increase! This is unconscionable! All he wants to do is steal our lots, he thinks he’s omnipotent! If I get such a notice I’m going to challenge it! What a Rat and hypocrite, he thinks he’s such a good person.

  2. Brian Mildebrandt says:

    Hello, I was hoping to speak with you more about your lots. I am a realtor here in Tucson @ Keller Williams, and I may be interested in 1 or more lots. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Thank You! (520) 576-0155

    Brian Mildebrandt

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