Unit 2 lot cleanup & lawsuit


Unit 2 Lot 131, the grass wasn’t bad but the weeds (a few tumbleweeds and several Desert Broom) were hard to get with a lawnmower.

Lot cleanup time, hopefully the last time. All I could think about while cleaning the lots was how rotten Russo is for “stealing” our lots and not helping us sell our lots in Unit 2 and how things went wrong in this subdivision. Plus how hard it was, how many bruises I’d get and if I was going to die of a heart attack, dehydration (temp was about 90 and I have hyperhidrosis) or drinking bad water. (I forgot the bottled water so I drank from a clean six-gallon plastic jug filled from garden hose that was for mixing into a weed-killer sprayer but it tasted like plastic.)

If you own a lot in Unit 2 or 5 and you asked Russo to help you sell your lot or, if Russo offered to buy your lot (at a huge loss to you) please contact me (Raquel Baranow), I’m preparing a lawsuit against the HOA and Russo for not helping us sell our lots, breach of contract (Article 10 of the CC&R’s) and self-dealing.

Thought of my friend who once (or twice) helped me clean these lots and committed suicide – or got drunk and fell onto the train tracks and got run over – I’m still not sure what to believe.

Thought of another Unit 2 lot owner who sent me many emails, their last email said they both just got out of the hospital (they’re in their 80’s) and if I didn’t hear from them again . . . .


Lot 131 finished (10-second timer, drenched in sweat), with ticky-tacky houses. Note the Desert Broom on the 15-foot easement on the right. Pretty sure that’s Mica Mountain (elevation 8666-ft, in the Rincon Mtn Range, Saguaro National Park, if not, it’s Tanque Verde Peak, el. 7049) on the far, left.

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2 Responses to Unit 2 lot cleanup & lawsuit

  1. Kathleen c Baker-Short says:

    I talked to you awhile ago. I am in #8. Can I get in the lawsuit. Russo offered $2000 for my land. I am here in Phoenix and don’t even know how to get a hold of anyone to help sell.

    • 666isMONEY says:

      Hi Kathleen, depending on the location of your lot in Unit 8 (ones closest to or on Camino del Torro are worth more) and if there are liens on your lot they’re not worth much, Assessor says they’re worth $3500 but Russo’s are assessed at $1500. If you look on Zillow, lots aren’t selling.

      EDIT: On second thought, the liens are illegal because they’re unconscionable and extend forever (perpetuity) against public policy but I’m not ready to pursue that tactic. I wonder why my lawyer never raised this issue in the previous lawsuit?

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