Offered to sell Russo my two Unit 2 lots for $25k each


My guesthouse-office (built 1924?) where I spend the day, since this pic was taken in 2010, there are new windows, TV, speakers and printer. I lived here more than 35-years. There’s a kitchenette on the far left. Would like to find another home far away.

Made an offer to sell my two lots in Unit 2. If this lot sale goes through I’ll lose a little money, lots are selling for $35-$40k. I have about $30k invested in each of them — for more than 10-years, some Unit 2 lot owners owned their lots since the 1970s! The $27k HOA liens (assessments) for development (streets, sewer, water, etc.), were imposed around 2006.

It’s worth losing the anxiety this caused and focus on more important things if this sale goes through.

My two lots are premium for size and/or location and there are no two-story homes next to it — if there was, then the builder couldn’t build 2-stories next to it.

One of my friends has called this my Moby Dick and we know how that ended, lol.

EDIT: I sold the two lots for $25k each and as a condition of the sale had to delete disparaging remarks from this blog. Truth is not disparaging.


The devil is a slanderer, false accuser, one thing I truly dislike is liars. If there is anything untrue, including errors of omission I will correct it and apologize!

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