Why did Steve Russo appoint Cecilia Cruz and Virginia Yrun to the HOA board then remove them?

Southern Arizona Land Trust (a 501c3 non-profit) was a defendant in this $500,000 HOA lawsuit against me by Steve Russo. SALT transferred it’s Unit 5 lots to a Russo-controlled LLC — I wonder if Ceci Cruz, the President of SALT knows this? Someone gave the lots to SALT (tax deduction) out of despair. Two people in Unit 9 gave me their lots. Russo is statutory agent for SALT, his law partner Bob Schwartz who appears in this video, is more deeply involved with SALT.

In 2010, Cruz and Yrun were on all the Sycamore Vista HOA boards then next year they were not. The 2010 annual report says they were appointed 01/01/2009.

Ceci is a good friend of a friend of mine, Alison Hughes. Both are community activists. Ceci founded the Tucson/Pima County Women’s Commission, Alison was the President of the Commission. I met Alison through mutual friends and former State Representatives, John Kromko and Carmine Cardamone.

I’d like somehow to make Cecilia Cruz aware of the terrible situation Russo has put me and other lot owners in, I don’t believe she would approve!

Russo is paid $131,000. Construction kickbacks, maybe?

Russo is paid $131,000.

Why did Russo sue me? I was in the process of quieting title to the construction assessments on my vacant lots. I sent notice to Mr. Sullivan who was CEO of Title Security Agency of Arizona and First Magnus, that the assessments he allegedly bought from the prior majority lot owner’s shell company, Western Associates had expired due to statutes of limitations. First Magnus went into bankruptcy for $1-billion (yes, billion) and was one of the causes of the housing crisis. Sullivan’s lawyers contacted Russo who allegedly bought the assessments from Sullivan. I say “allegedly” because we have no evidence any of them ever paid the HOA or anyone any money. Once Russo owned the assessments, he sued me attempting to foreclose on the assessments. Every lawyer I’ve spoken to, including the judge does not think selling the assessments is legal. There is a law against it in California. Mr. Sullivan and the prior majority lot owners were Navy SEALS, friends.

SALT website

Pima County Industrial Authority website:  (Ceci Cruz and Virginia Yrun are board members but Russo really runs it.)

Daily Star article showing Russo runs the Industrial Authority and how much money he makes doing it.

Article by someone in Ohio who doesn’t like the Pima County Industrial Authority investing in Ohio schools.

Daily Star raising question about Industrial Authority funding out of state projects.

More info on SALT, Sasse, Sorensen and the Industrial Authority.

Link to the Sparlin Complaint.

Sparlin Complaint Index:

The inept management of the Corona (New Tucson/Sycamore Vista) Project, which led to National Bank of Arizona losing $35-million, pages 53-56

Indictment against PAUL Y. SORENSEN (an employee of SALT): pages 96ff

Indictment against GREG T. SASSE (An employee of SALT): pages 85ff

How Sparlin lost money investing in Sycamore Vista (“Corona”/New Tucson): pages, 19, 37, 38, 40, 41

Western Recovery Services (managed by prior majority lot owners) had no cash and was maybe using liens on our lots as assets: pages 53ff

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